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Origin of 'TYE' as a Place-Name Suffix

Quite a few 'TYE' names can still be found in East Anglia - the most well-known
is probably Barking Tye with Battisford Tye nearby.

Nedging is a village on the outskirts of Bildeston, between Hadleigh and
Stowmarket. Nedging Tye is slightly larger, and about a mile to the east.

Tyes are settlements which tend to be between half a mile and a mile and a half
from their respective namesake settlement.

So what is a Tye? Simply, it is a grazing pasture. The proximity of grazing
pastures to settlements was a vital part of the medieval economy. This was
because anyone who owned cattle (all animals were cattle in medieval times)
would spend a goodly while, perhaps several weeks, taking their animals to
market to sell. Northern and Welsh farmers, for instance, would often bring
their animals down into the markets of the south east.

How to stop them losing weight on the long trudge? Grazing pastures allowed
rest for a day or so, before continuing the journey.

What was in it for the settlement? Simply, itinerant drovers gave a village 'captive' customers, to be sold board and lodging and supplies for the remainder of the journey.

Most of us can recall days in the cinema watching enthralled at the scenes of
'round-up time' and our favourite hero's problems droving the herd along the
'Chisholm' and similar Trails to the nearest railhead. It rather takes us aback to
realise the same thing had been going on in this country for centuries !

After a while, settlements began to grow up immediately around the Tyes so as
to be more convenient for the Tye users. In the case of Nedging, the Tye
settlement became larger than the mother hamlet and is actually nearer to the
village of Naughton.

Why didn't all villages have Tyes? Well, more must have existed than have
survived. But a village with a large village green would not have needed a
Tye - thus there is no Tye for Mellis,  Cavendish, or Newton, but you
could still graze your cattle there.

You can read more about Tyes in the entry for Barking on Simon  Knott's  site:-

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At Barking the local Parish Councillors are to be applauded as they are in
process of restoring the Tye to somewhere near it's original state.

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