Geoff's Banana Treat

A Quick & Easy Pudding

1. Choose a banana.

2. Lay it on it's side.

3. If it wobbles, turn it over.

4. If it still wobbles, choose another banana.

5. When you have a stable banana, take a sharp knife and make two cuts approximately 3 cm apart along the length of the top of the banana, but only as deep as the top skin.

6. Carefully remove the top section of skin.

7. Take a fork and prick the exposed flesh all over but not through the bottom skin.

8. Sprinkle the exposed flesh with lemon juice, not only to prevent the flesh from oxidising, but also to enhance the flavour.

9.Place the banana in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds so as to warm it but not cook it.

10. Carefully drizzle rum over the exposed flesh.

11. When the rum has soaked in, drizzle again and again ( as necessary ! ).

12. Using a finger and thumb, sprinkle the exposed flesh with Demarara or similar brown sugar as thickly as possible.

13.Place the banana under a grill or, (if you are brave enough !) use a gas blow-torch to caramelise the sugar until it is nice and bubbling.

14. Serve immediately with, perhaps a dollop of Creme Fraiche on the side.

Personally I take the first spoonful from the centre of the banana, thus leaving a little hollow in the bottom skin into which I pour some more rum and then drag subsequent spoonsful of banana through the pool of rum !

P.S. For children, omit the rum !

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