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Blaxall  Genealogy

It is generally considered that the surname Blaxall and it's variant spellings  are locative and derive from the East Suffolk village or hamlet of Blaxhall, the earliest recorded examples being  :-

  Adam de Blakesale,

         ( Cambridgeshire Calendar of Letter Books AD 1308 )
  Roger de Blaxhale,
                      ( Essex Feet of Fines  AD 1324 )
  John Blaksell,
                      ( Suffolk Hearth Tax   AD 1674 )

My distant cousins, Angela Ward, Carlton Blaxill and Dave Martin  have made invaluable contributions to our knowledge of Blaxall genealogy as under :-

Angela Ward & her tribe(s)

Carlton Blaxill's extensive  Site

Dave Martin's Blaxills & Big Guns !

My modest contribution is  My Paternal Line  dating back to 1621.

I have also collated a series of  extracts from the Suffolk section of Domesday Book  which was compiled  in the year AD 1086 by order of King William 1st, Duke of Normandy.

These extracts comprise twenty-two references to land holdings in Blaccessala, totalling  326 acres.

To view these extracts, go to the Menu & click on Blaxhall, E. Suffolk .

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